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Videotel Digital is a nationwide leading manufacturer of industrial grade, seamless auto looping digital signage media players, looping DVD players, and unique & interactive digital signage solutions with LED push buttons, motion sensors, proximity sensors, weight sensors, and touch screens. Videotel also provides directional sound speakers.  Videotel has an impeccable reputation in the industry for its reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective products with exceptional customer service.   


  • VP90 Network Digital Signage Media Player
    The VP90 is a 4K Networked Digital Signage Media Player. Plays content via a USB or SD card, FTP or LAN. Access remotely to update content. No software license fee required. WIFI capable. Free templates & an unlimited number of zones/widgets....

  • The VP90 is our 4K/1080 Industrial grade Networked Digital Signage Media Player. The VP90 allows you to play content locally via a USB or SD card or you may also access the VP90 remotely to upload an update, or change content. To access the VP90 you may use a simple URL to access our secure web server. No software license fee is required. Yes, it's free! You may additionally update content from FTP or LAN. The VP90 is additionally accessible with WIFI. Its integrated scheduler allows you to display various content at different times of the day. You may choose to access an array of various templates to create your custom content or you may upload or design your own from a blank slate. You may add in an unlimited number of zones to include social media, whether or point the content to play from a URL of your choice. The VP90 networked digital media player automatically powers on, plays, and loops audio, video, images, or a mixture of files. This device can even become a unique interactive signage solution when paired with any of our LED push buttons, motion sensors, proximity sensors, weight sensors, or RFID tags that trigger content with each action. The VP90 can also capture analytics when connected to our interactive peripherals. Our VP90 is ideal for both simple looping content or if you have constantly changing content. Designed for either one simple screen or if you have the requirement for hundreds of screens.

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